It’s Time to Make It Your Personal Proposal Season

Starting around mid-December, it was a rarity to sign in to social media and NOT see photos of another newly engaged couple at the moment he popped the question and, of course, pictures of the ring. But with Valentine’s Day now behind us, engagement season is dwindling. As much extra magic as holiday proposal brings to an already exciting time, there’s something to be said for daring to be different. If you’re ready to make your sweetheart yours forever, don’t wait 10 months! Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider popping the question between March and November.
Engagement Ring On Branch at Sunset

  1. There’s No Time Like the Present

    If you’ve found the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, why wait for “engagement season” to roll back around?

  2. The Day Should Be All About Her

    This day is all about making your sweetheart feel special. Ask any kid who grew up with a birthday on Christmas or Christmas Eve – It’s nice that everyone’s around for your big day, but sharing your celebration is not ideal! Choosing an otherwise uneventful day to propose means you can focus all your energy on making the day as meaningful to your relationship as possible.

  3. The Element of Surprise is on Your Side

    Chances are she was hoping to unwrap a ring for Christmas, waiting for it at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s, and downright frustrated when she didn’t find it hidden in her Valentine’s roses, but she’ll forgive you when you pull off the ultimate surprise. We’ve had so many brides tell us that what really took their proposals over the top is that they didn’t suspect a thing!

  4. It’s Another Reason to Celebrate

    There’s already so much to celebrate from Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day. When you wait until after the festivities are over, you have a whole new reason to get people together, whether you involve them in your proposal or invite them over to a big engagement party.

  5. You’ve Got Plenty of Time to Devote to Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

    Trying to pull off the perfect holiday proposal can put a lot of pressure on you. Will you find the right ring before the big day? Waiting until the office parties, family gatherings and neighborhood get togethers have subsided allows you to devote more time to searching for her dream engagement ring – or even to have one custom designed for her.

Close Up of Woman's Hand & Engagement Ring
If you’re ready to make it your personal proposal season, we’re here to help! Whether you’re searching for a dazzling designer engagement ring or want to custom design something just for her, visiting Mark Peter’s Diamond Designs is your first step in your journey to I Do!