Celebrate Lasting Love with a Custom Wedding Jewelry Upgrade

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” Lorianne said with a laugh. “Our children are just now the age Bob and I were when we got married. It’s hard to wrap my mind around that. They’re twenty-four and twenty-two – neither one is talking about getting married anytime soon. But the world is different now. You don’t run into many couples who have been together as long as we have. I guess we were the lucky ones!”

After twenty five years together, Lorianne and Bob wanted to refresh their wedding jewelry. “Refresh, not replace,” Lorianne said. “I’m sentimental enough that I want to keep my diamonds, and if possible, some of the gold, from my original engagement ring and wedding band. But my style has definitely matured over the years, and I wanted our new custom wedding jewelry to reflect that.”

While Lorianne’s style became a little more restrained and sophisticated than it was in the 1990’s, Bob has gotten bolder. “I remember when we first got married, he was very impatient with the whole wedding band process selection,” Lorianne said with a laugh. “He wanted a simple gold wedding band, and that was it. Now that time’s gone by, he definitely has some different ideas.” Custom wedding jewelry can be created in any width, featuring hand engraving, scrollwork, or diamonds and other gemstones.

Designing a new wedding set together is a lovely way to celebrate a milestone anniversary. Whether you’re ten years into your marriage or thirty, it’s always the right time to express joy and gratitude for the lasting love you’ve found with your special someone.

Some couples choose to upgrade the diamonds and gemstones in their engagement rings and wedding bands, as they have more of a budget available to them now than they did when they first said “I do!” Other couples choose to keep their original gemstones and diamonds and have them set in a more appropriate setting.

Our talented in-house designers love working on custom wedding jewelry upgrades. It’s a different design experience than creating a custom engagement ring for a couple at the beginning of their marriage. While there’s a lot of excitement and hope with every new marriage, it’s the couples who have been through everything together and still remain deeply in love that demonstrate what we’re all striving for. Custom wedding jewelry is the perfect way to celebrate lasting romance.