New Year, New (& Like New) Jewelry

We know, we know – not another resolution! But we promise this is one you won’t mind keeping. Resolve to make 2017 the year you refresh your jewelry box.

Polish Up The Old

Any good New Year’s resolution starts with taking stock of where you are now. Take out your jewelry box and go through all your goodies – We’re betting you’ll find designs in there that you haven’t worn in years. It’s like shopping without having to charge your credit card. Some of these looks will be ready to start adding sparkle to your outfit right away, while others could use some TLC. Check for bracelets and necklaces in need of chain repair or clasp replacement, pearls in need of restringing, rings with loose stones – or are just plain loose or tight, earrings with damaged posts, and anything that just needs a good cleaning or polishing.

Once you’ve found designs you’d love to start wearing again, bring them in to our Plainfield jewelry store. From a simple polish or rhodium dip, to repairs on seriously damaged jewelry, we do it all on-site, with 2 jewelers in-house boasting a combined seventy years of experience.

So don’t let another year go by with your old favorites locked away in your jewelry box. Repair them so you can wear them!

Frederic Duclos, Angelica, and Officina Bernardi Jewelry

Pick Out The New

And while you’re here… shop our collection of designer and diamond jewelry to add something new to your collection. Add an Angelica bracelet to your stack for a little extra arm candy, mix up your metals with Officina Bernardi, add a dash of sparkle & shine with Frederic Duclos, or check out Bering if it’s time for a new timepiece. And if you’re more of a diamond gal, you can start shopping our collection online right now.

Spruce up the old and say yes to the new and we promise 2017 will sparkle for you!