About Mark

Serving plainfield since 1990

You could say Mark was born to be a jeweler. At age 18, he began working at his father’s jewelry store, honing his craft. At that time, Jean was working on her parent’s farm in Iowa. After graduating from the University of Iowa School of Nursing, she moved to Illinois.

Looking to buy herself a graduation gift, she stopped in Mark’s father’s store where Mark was happy to assist her. Little did Jean know,  he wasn’t only interested in helping her get the perfect ring, he was interested in her!

It didn’t stop with just that one ring. he kept “wowing” her with one beautiful ring after another.  Jean couldn’t say no to all those beautiful rings. (he gave her a special payment plan).  This tactic worked to keep Jean coming back, and he asked her out.

A few years later, they married and started their own business out of the garage.  A year after the infamous tornado in 1990, they expanded Mark Peter’s Diamond Designs to a storefront in the Plainfield Plaza. In 2004, they moved to their current location in north Plainfield. They raised their 3 sons during this time.

For over 30 years, Mark and Jean have been active supporters of the community, from their involvement in the local food pantry to local organizations and schools. They are also very supportive to military and veteran organizations, as their youngest son serves actively in the Army.


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