How to Build a Stellar Watch Wardrobe

Earlier this week, we had a customer who was passing through Plainfield stop in to check out our watches. As you know, we carry both men and women’s Bering watches as well as our own Mark Peter’s line, so they had plenty of gorgeous timepieces to consider. They told us they had a goal – to have a great watch for every day of the week. If you too want to build a stellar watch wardrobe, it helps to have a strategy.

Step One: Set A Goal

Our customer wanted a different watch for every day of the week. You might want a watch for every outfit, or to organize a watch collection by month or season. The best watch collections have a structure – although there’s no rule that says you can’t buy every watch you fall in love with!

Step Two: Silver, Gold & Other Wonderful Watches

BERING Max Rene with Blue Straps (15540-700)- Mark Peter's Diamond DesignsWhile some collectors choose to wear only gold or only silver watches, other watch lovers build their wardrobe by selecting some of each. This approach maximizes the versatility of your watch wardrobe. One of the most exciting things about the watch world right now is the wide variety of materials master watchmakers are using to capture their vision. Bering watches use stainless steel and titanium to beautiful effect.

Step Three: All the Colors of the Rainbow: Watches that Wow

When building your watch wardrobe, you want to pay special attention to the watch face. This area is where designers really pull out all of the aesthetic stops. Strong color draws the eye and can make a fashion statement; for a more traditional look go with the classic metal or white faces. If your watch wardrobe includes watches with many different colored faces, it gets much easier to match your timepiece to your wardrobe.

Step Four: Make the Most of Your Budget

Fine watches are surprisingly addictive. That’s why it’s important to set a budget. The smart way to build a watch wardrobe quickly is to find watches that are attractive, good quality, and reasonably priced. Most of the watches in our showcase will set you back less than $300 – a very attractive alternative to an entry-level Rolex, which can cost $5,000 or more!