Never Give Up on Looks You Love: Discover Jewelry Repair

Anyone who has a car has to deal with the fact that sometimes cars break down. When that happens, we know what to do: a quick trip to the local mechanic means getting back behind the wheel in no time.

But what happens when your jewelry breaks down? We all know it happens. Sometimes rings get bent, twisted, or lose their gemstones. Bracelets get banged around a lot, which means enamel can chip and stones can be lost; chain and link style bracelets can get snagged, twisted, or broken. Necklaces have claps issues and can get tangled into complex knots. Pearls are strung on silk, and with time, silk can stretch and break. Earrings tend to be tough, although backs and loose stones can cause problems; more often, the concern with earrings is that one of a pair gets lost.

Jewelry Repair - 3 Prong Studs

When your car gets broken, you take it to an expert local mechanic. When your jewelry gets broken, take it to an expert local fine jeweler. Jewelry repair is a service provided by the best custom jewelers. The techniques used to craft stunning one of a kind pieces of jewelry are the same techniques needed to restore a piece of jewelry that has seen better days back to original condition.

When you bring your jewelry in to Mark Peter’s Diamond Design for repair, it will be examined by one of our experienced Master Jewelers. They’ll determine what needs to happen for the item to be fixed, and let you know the associated costs. Sometimes diamonds or gemstones need to be replaced; we will work with you to find the best gemstones for your unique piece of jewelry and budget. Most of the time, having a piece of fine jewelry replaced is very affordable – and having a piece of broken jewelry fixed means you get to wear it with confidence once again.

Gemstone Jewelry Repair

Sometimes, jewelry is so damaged that it can’t be repaired. Don’t despair! Our Master Jewelers can perform jewelry restoration. Jewelry restoration is the act of preserving the good parts of a broken piece of jewelry and recreating the rest of the piece of jewelry with new metal and gemstones; the two sections are put together seamlessly so your piece looks exactly as it did when it was new. If that’s not an option due to the extent of the damage, our custom jewelers can create a lookalike piece based on your direction with all new materials. Our goal is to get jewelry out of the jewelry box and back into our customers’ lives!