Jewelry Repair: A Surprisingly Delightful Holiday Gift

If you’re looking for a holiday gift that will surprise and delight a special someone, we have a great idea for you. It won’t work for everyone, but if your special someone has a piece of jewelry they love but never wear because it’s broken or has been damaged, jewelry repair makes a surprisingly delightful holiday gift.

Jewelry Repair: New Life for Damaged Favorites

Jewelry gets damaged more often than you might think. Rings are vulnerable to getting bent, twisted, or pulled out of shape; gemstones come loose from their settings, mountings break or bend, and more. Bracelet links break; clasps don’t work properly or go missing entirely, bangles and cuffs can get bent out of shape, and more. Necklaces get tangled, have problem clasps, break, stretch, and more. All of these issues can be addressed by our master jewelers. They’re experts in jewelry repair.

What’s Nice About Having Jewelry Repaired

When jewelry is damaged or broken, you can’t wear and enjoy it. It’s amazing how much joy can be restored with what is, in many cases, a simple repair. This is especially true of clasps and closures: many people don’t wear favorite pieces of jewelry because they know the closure’s not secure and they don’t want to lose their jewelry. When a closure has been repaired or replaced, it’s possible to wear that design confidently once again.

Jewelry Repair as a Gift

There are two ways to present someone with jewelry repair as a gift. You can bring us the item in advance of the holiday; we’ll fix it and you can surprise your special someone with a fait accompli. Customers who have done this tell us it’s very cool indeed to see their loved one open the present, see that it’s a piece of jewelry, realize it’s their piece of jewelry AND that now they can wear it again.

Another option is to present your special someone with a Mark Peter’s Diamond Design gift certificate for jewelry repair. We’ll be happy to prepare one for you. Many jewelry repairs are quite affordable, so if you’re searching for a very nice stocking stuffer it’s a great option.