Engagement Ring Shopping Do’s & Don’ts

If you’ve found your special someone and it’s time to announce your commitment to each other to the world, you’ll need an amazing engagement ring. Whether you buy a lot of jewelry or this is your first time browsing for diamonds, choosing the right engagement ring can be a little overwhelming. The Mark Peter’s team has collected some engagement ring shopping do’s and don’ts to make the whole process simple and stress free!

DO: Talk to your partner about their ring preferences

There are two types of jewelry: fashion jewelry and forever jewelry. Fashion jewelry includes those pieces you wear because they’re trendy or to compliment a particular outfit. Forever jewelry includes those pieces of fine jewelry you’re going to wear and treasure your entire life. Wedding jewelry, including engagement rings and wedding bands, is definitely forever jewelry. It’s important to know your partner is going to love their engagement ring: talk to them about what they do and don’t like!

DON’T: Feel like you can’t shop for your engagement ring together

Did you know that more than half of all couples shop for engagement rings together? It’s a sensible trend – after all, you’re embarking on a lifetime of making major decisions as a couple. Choosing the engagement ring that’s meant to celebrate your lasting love is a good place to start. Of course, there’s no rule that says you have to shop together, either: here in Plainfield, we see many times where one half of the couple arrives on their own to do a little ‘advance scouting’ – checking out engagement ring styles and prices – before the pair returns on a separate occasion to actually shop.

DO: Bring pictures of rings you like

Pinterest, Instagram and other social media sites are great places to find engagement rings you like. Fashion and bridal magazines are also inspiring. Collect pictures of the styles you like, and bring them with you when you go engagement ring shopping. While a jeweler might not have the exact ring in stock that moment, the odds are pretty good they’ll be able to offer you something quite similar, procure that particular ring, or create a custom version of it just for you.

DON’T: Be afraid to look at other engagement ring styles

Even if you think your mind is 100% made up about what type of engagement ring you want, take a moment to see what else is in the showcases. It’s entirely possible that you’ll discover a ring – perhaps by a new designer, perhaps an estate jewelry piece – that’s absolutely perfect for you. Also? Sometimes an engagement ring that looks great in pictures doesn’t look or feel quite right on your hand. Don’t settle for a less than perfect ring – look around until you find one that truly delights you.

DO: Consider center stones other than diamonds

While clear diamonds are the traditional center stone for engagement rings, they’re far from your only option. Diamonds come in a wide variety of colors, with yellow and pink being very popular for engagement ring use. Other colored gemstones also work very well in engagement rings. Deep blue sapphires are by far the number one choice for colored stone engagement rings; emerald, rubies, and other gemstones offer dazzling options as well.

DON’T: Think you can’t have everything you want in an engagement ring

With love, all things are possible. This is especially true with wedding jewelry. The Mark Peter’s team works with many couples who have a very specific vision for their engagement rings. Our master craftsmen custom create unique engagement rings tailored to your special vision.