Vow Renewals: What’s It Like to Say “I Do” All Over Again?

“A marriage that makes you happy is nothing to take for granted,” says Tracey Moore in a story on why vow renewal ceremonies are suddenly so popular. Moore renewed her wedding vows with her husband of 10 years, and explained, “What I didn’t realize, was how beautiful it is to acknowledge all the work that goes into building a family and a marriage. A wedding that your kids can come to is a special thing.”

Her comments echo a trend we’re seeing her in the Plainfield area. Many couples choose to renew their vows after reaching a milestone anniversary – 10, 20, or 25 years together are the most common – because celebrating lasting love is a guaranteed good time.

Here are some other vow renewal trends we’ve seen locally:

Vow renewals are a lot more casual – and stress-free! – than weddings.

While it’s not unusual for couples to get really stressed out planning their weddings, vow renewals are generally a lot more laid back. There’s a lot less pressure to get everything perfect, and you don’t need to worry about impressing future in-laws: at this point, everyone knows each other pretty well. Vow renewals tend to be a lot more family-friendly, with kids playing a part in the ceremony or serving as enthusiastic audience members.

Vow renewals are about celebrating love that’s been put to the test.

By the time a couple’s been together a decade or more, they’ve been through some stuff. That’s the way life works. If facing challenges together has made you a stronger, more loving couple, a vow renewal is a time to celebrate that fact. Most couples write their own vow renewal ceremonies, and it’s not unusual to discuss the journey they’ve taken together – the bad, the good, and the absolutely beautiful – love that can stand up to anything.

You don’t need new wedding jewelry for a vow renewal – but it’s a nice time to upgrade!

It’s a fact of life that couples who are celebrating vow renewals generally have more disposable income than couples who are first starting out. Fashions and personal styles change over the years. Combine these factors, and a vow renewal ceremony can be the ideal opportunity to upgrade or redesign your engagement ring and wedding band. Using the diamonds you already own is a significant cost savings. Also popular for vow renewal ceremonies? Custom diamond anniversary bands.