Spring Cleaning Starts with Your Jewelry Box

Spring cleaning can be fun! One of the best parts of giving everything you own a good once over is that sometimes, you discover things you forgot you owned. When items are hidden away in drawers or shoved way back in a closet, they slip out of your awareness. Finding these items during spring cleaning means you get to enjoy your possessions once again: what fun!

Cleaning Out Your Jewelry Box Can Have Hidden Benefits

Going through the jewelry box is a pleasant spring cleaning task. It’s certainly a lot more pleasant than scrubbing shower grout! As you sort through your jewelry wardrobe, you’ll want to check each piece’s condition. Sometimes jewelry gets put away and forgotten because there’s something wrong with it that keeps you from wearing it confidently. For example, bracelet clasps sometimes come loose; rings get bent or twisted out of shape; necklaces get knotted up in snarls of nearly mythic proportion.

Jewelry never repairs itself. As long as you leave broken jewelry in your jewelry box, it will stay broken. Fine jewelry repair is so much more affordable than many people think. Rather than assume that you’re doomed never to wear your favorite jewelry again, try bringing it down to the shop. We’re conveniently located at 12820 South Route 59 in Plainfield, IL. Our master jewelers will be happy to look at your designs. They can tell you if your jewelry can be repaired – generally the answer is yes – and what it will cost to restore your item to like new condition. All repair work is done on-site, in our secure Plainfield jewelry store.

Sometimes jewelry stays in the jewelry box not because it’s broken, but because it’s ugly. Sometimes we inherit or are given pieces of fine jewelry that just aren’t the right style. Other times, jewelry can be gorgeous, but it reminds you of someone you hate thinking about, so you never wear it. In these instances, you want to know about custom jewelry design. Our master jeweler designers excel at taking the valuable aspects of a piece of jewelry – diamonds, gemstones, gold and precious metals – and creating a custom jewelry design you personally enjoy and would want to wear. Again, this is surprisingly affordable – the fact you already own the diamonds and gemstones can bring the costs way down – and gives you an opportunity to enjoy a piece of jewelry that would otherwise linger in a drawer. If you have an idea of what you’d like your new jewelry to look like, we can help make it happen. If you have no idea at all, don’t sweat it. Bring in the item as our starting point, and we’ll create a look based on your preferences and taste!