Hear Her Say Yes This Spring: When You Know The Time Is Right

If you’re hoping to take your relationship with your special someone to the next level, it may be time to start shopping for an engagement ring. Some proposals are poetic, with romantics borrowing from the iconic words of Walt Whitman to ask, “Shall we stick by each other as long as we live?” Other proposals are down to Earth. Some proposals are expected delights, and others are total surprises.

Husbands Married 20+ Years Share The Moment They Knew It Was Time To Propose

One of the neater things we get to do here at Mark Peters Diamond and Design is help couples celebrate their milestone anniversaries. When you’ve been married ten years, twenty years, or even fifty plus years, that’s an accomplishment and a tribute to lasting love.

We asked three of the gentlemen who have been shopping for anniversary jewelry how they knew it was the right time to propose. Each answer made us smile – and one made us laugh out loud. Let us know which story is your favorite. Names changed per request to protect people’s privacy – and if you happen to recognize a story you know, please don’t spill the beans!

A Close Call Leads to Lasting Romance

We had been dating a little while, and things were really comfortable between us. I mean so comfortable in that established sense – everyone knew we were a couple, and I wasn’t really sure we needed to take the relationship further than that. And then one day, we’re driving back from a trip to see her cousin’s kid graduate, and all of a sudden, there’s a semi side-swiping us. I jerked the wheel really hard, we went off the road, and there was a moment where the car was airborne. I really thought that was it – when that car hit the ground, we were going to be done for. But it didn’t happen like that. The car came down hard, and make no mistake, it was absolutely wrecked, but we were fine. Not a scratch on her, not a bump on me. And we were staring at each other, and I just blurted out, “You have to marry me now. I can’t go through another close call like that without you.” She said yes, and we got married that summer.

– Harold, Romeoville, IL

Close Up of Woman's Hand & Engagement Ring

Anchors Away: Answering the Call of Duty – After a Slight Delay

My father was in the Navy, and his father was in the Navy, and it was really no question that I also would serve in the Navy. Knowing this, I never got romantically involved with any of my classmates. I had my career plans and I was very focused on that. But then I met the most beautiful girl in the world and everything changed.
We dated seriously all through my senior year and then basic training. She came down with my parents when I graduated. At that time, the magnitude of everything that I’d accomplished and what I was about to embark on hit me. I knew I needed my best friend with me for every step of this amazing journey. That’s when I decided to propose.

Everyone thought we were too young, but we were the oldest we’d ever been at that point. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, but through it all, we’ve had each other. I retired two years ago, which means our twenty-fifth anniversary is coming up fast.

– M. D., Plainfield, IL

I Had To Act Before She Changed Her Mind

I was ready to propose even before I knew her name. That’s how gorgeous my wife was then, and you’ve seen her now – she gets a little lovelier every day. I couldn’t believe someone like her – so smart and strong and stunning – would pay attention to a farm boy like me. But for whatever reason, she did, and I was over the moon. One afternoon we were walking out, just enjoying the sunshine and each other’s company, when she said, “What do you think about us getting married?” Well, I didn’t hesitate one half of one second. I said, “Sounds great to me!” I bought her the very first engagement ring I could – I didn’t want her to come to her senses and find someone else before we were officially engaged.

– Robert, Plainfield, IL

When You Know It’s The Right Time, We’ve Got the Right Engagement Ring

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