Get $250 Towards Your Precious Metal Band

Looking To Purchase an Engagement Ring or Remount Wedding Diamonds? We’ll Give you a Credit Toward a Precious Metal Wedding Band!


What is a Precious Metal?
When purchasing fine jewelry, you want it to last a lifetime. This being said, the metal you choose can make a great deal of difference. Bands made of noble metals are the best choice: gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The noble metals neither oxidize nor corrode, and last far longer. When we talk of precious metals, these are the elements we’re discussing: rare noble metals that are high in beauty, luster and value.

How to Make These Metals Last
Silver and gold are generally too soft to provide a lasting jewelry unless they’re alloyed with something stronger like copper or zinc. Gold is mixed with these metals to create 10K, 14K and 18K gold. Silver is mixed with a small amount of copper to create sterling silver. These metal mixtures create a new substance with the best properties of each part: beautiful color and luster, and the durability for everyday wear.

Our Special Offer to You
With this in mind, we at Mark Peter’s Diamond Designs are currently making an excellent offer to anyone interested in remounting their diamonds or purchasing an engagement ring: when you spend $2,500 on a diamond remount or engagement ring, we’ll provide you with a $250 credit toward a precious metal wedding band! We’re providing this courtesy throughout the month of April. The last day to take advantage of our promotion is April 30, 2016. So please do stop by to inquire about how we can liven the look of your diamonds or help you find the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life!