Neighbors Helping Neighbors Discount Offer

Help Us Stock Food Pantry Shelves – Receive 10% Off Your Purchase!

March is a very dynamic month, especially here in Plainfield. We’re seeing the stubborn cold clinging remnants of winter give way to a glorious spring. It’s a time of growth and change, a time to be refreshed and renewed.

We want to give our community a boost and spread a little sunshine too, with an opportunity for our entire community to come together to create a meaningful positive change.

Here’s The Situation

Times are tough for some of our friends and neighbors. People are in really hard spots. Could you imagine telling your child they have to choose between having lunch or dinner? No one should be in that position – but the fact is that some are. Local food pantries are doing everything they can to help, but the increased demand takes its toll. Lots of people donate to food pantries around the holiday season, but by now, that food is gone. Shelves are getting empty fast.

Here’s How You Can Help

Mark Peters Diamond Design is determined to make a difference. We’ll be collecting non perishable food items right here in our store (located at 12820 South Route 59) throughout the month of March. Please bring in canned meats, vegetables, pasta meals, drinks, cereals, crackers, and similar items. At the end of the month, we’ll be bringing everything collected to the Plainfield Interfaith Food Pantry so it can be distributed to families in need. It’s Neighbors Helping Neighbors – the way things should be!

Here’s What’s In It For You

Doing good feels great. There’s no doubt about that. But we want to extend an extra special thank you to anyone who helps us stock up the shelves at the Plainfield Interfaith Food Pantry. That’s why we’re offering a special 10% off discount to anyone who donates. Save serious money on your engagement ring, bridal jewelry, or a very special present for a very special someone. The offer runs through Thursday, March 31st, so come on in – we can’t wait to see you!