Five Reasons You Want to Shop For Jewelry in Person

Online shopping is great. You can save a ton of time and money making regular household purchases from your phone. But some purchases aren’t regular or ordinary! Think about the special gifts that are meant to stand out as meaningful and memorable – a diamond engagement ring is one example, or a piece of custom jewelry to celebrate your years together. These are reasons you want to shop for in person, and here’s why:

#5: Size Does Matter

Looking at images of jewelry on your smartphone can make it really difficult to assess how large or small that item actually is. A pair of diamond stud earrings may look much larger online than it does in real life, leading to some real disappointment when you open that box and see your purchase for the first time. Sizing information is provided by most reputable jewelers, but it isn’t always easy to understand. When you’re actually looking at diamonds in person, side by side, the difference between a .4 ct diamond and a .6 ct diamond is easy to see. Online? Not so much.

#4: A Better Selection

No matter how robust a jeweler’s website may be, there will always be pieces of jewelry in their showcases that don’t appear online. Sometimes these are unique engagement rings or designer looks; additionally, the full range of many jeweler’s vintage, estate, and custom collections may only be visible to you if you actually visit the store.

#3: Personalized Service

When you shop for jewelry in the jewelry store, you have access to a trained, knowledgeable sales staff. They can tell you about things like customization options, new arrivals, jewelry on sale, financing options, and other insider information that allows you to get the most out of your jewelry purchase. If you shop the same jewelry store regularly, the staff will take notice of your style preferences so they can identify and recommend pieces you’ll really, really like.

#2: Take Advantage of Special Deals

Jewelers hold fashion shows, special sales and other events specifically so you’ll come into the store and see all the neat jewelry they have available. At these times, you can really save money on diamond and gemstone jewelry, as well as on fun fashion looks. Some of these savings are available in store only – why miss out on a great deal?

#1: Because It’s Fun

Finding the perfect gift can be an adventure. You’re on a quest to find the one beautiful item that will put a smile on her face and joy in her heart. There’s not a whole lot of adventure to be had scrolling through your smartphone on your lunch break! Taking the time to find a store and explore its offerings will expose you to dazzling possibilities at every turn. Being a treasure hunter is fun. Try it and see!