The Top 6 Engagement Ring Trends Plainfield Couples Love

The Top 6 Engagement Ring Trends Plainfield Couples Love

Have you, in the course of your wedding planning, ever looked at a trend or idea and said, “I can see where that might be popular somewhere, but it would never work here?” The same thing happens with wedding jewelry. There are engagement ring trends that have great resonance in other locations but don’t generate any enthusiasm in Plainfield. What we’ve found is that couples here are motivated by these six top engagement ring trends:

#1: The Halo

Halo settings involve one or two rings of smaller diamonds used to surround a center stone, much like a halo surrounds an angel’s head. Some of the best examples of this look come from Hearts On Fire – The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds really shine when they’ve got company. Check out this gorgeous Hearts On Fire engagement ring!

Halo settings are available from other top bridal jewelry designers, like A. Jaffe, as well as in custom engagement ring design.

#2: Put a Spin on It


Plainfield romantics are going nuts for the Pirouette ring. This innovative A. Jaffe design features a diamond that pivots, so it can be worn traditionally or with an East-West orientation. Dazzling and durable, the Pirouette engagement ring is great for brides who are looking for something a little different and on the leading edge of jewelry design.

#3: Bubbled Bands

Combing classic elements with a fun twist, this Hearts On Fire engagement ring features one of the most exciting looks we’ve seen in years: the bubble band. Shown here in yellow gold – another local favorite – the unique setting is ideal for couples who take themselves lightly and love seriously.

#4: Art Deco Wedding Jewelry

The Gilded Age styles really resonate in Plainfield. Many of the custom engagement rings we create for local couples have an Art Deco feel. For a designer take on the look, check out this stunner from A. Jaffee – with an octagon halo, channel set diamonds all around the band, and a gorgeous center diamond this is an engagement ring that demands attention!

#5: Yellow Gold

The love for yellow gold has been building steadily over the last few years. After gaining prominence in fashion looks, we’re seeing yellow gold being many couple’s top choices for engagement rings and wedding jewelry. Yellow gold can be combined with white or rose gold for a luxury look, or stand on its own as it does in these beautiful Hearts On Fire rings.

#6: Fancy Cut Diamonds

Locally, there’s a lot of interest in the fine design details that take an engagement ring from good to great. As you choose diamonds, you learn about the 4 C’s: carat, color, clarity, and cut. Cut refers to the shape of the finished diamond. Princess and round diamonds are the most popular cuts nationally, and many couples in the Plainfield area choose them for their bridal jewelry. Also popular locally are fancy cut diamonds – larger emerald cut and pear-shaped diamonds are stunning in engagement rings, and create a unique look that is irresistible to many!