Celebrate Marriage Milestones with Custom Jewelry

Celebrate Marriage Milestones with Custom Jewelry

Every year, couples get a chance to celebrate their decision to spend their lives together. Anniversary gifts need to be extra special. The most special, meaningful jewelry is the jewelry that’s created exclusively for you. If you proposed with a custom engagement ring or got married with custom wedding jewelry, you know how good great jewelry can feel. Why not recreate that sensation and start your own romantic tradition by giving custom jewelry for milestone anniversaries?


Pendants are the ultimate platform to create custom jewelry. You can have pendants custom made in any shape or size, using gold, silver or other materials. Custom pendants can include diamonds or other gemstones. One neat idea we’ve seen a Plainfield area couple do is create a pendant representative of the year they’d just enjoyed together – one year, they played a lot of tennis, so they had a gold tennis racket pendant with a small diamond accent made; another year, they got a dog, and the pendant was shaped like their new canine companion.


Here is a romantic idea to build a great jewelry wardrobe and celebrate each anniversary in a special way. The American Gem Trade Association has a list of gemstones associated with each anniversary. It’s structured to progress logically, so you’re celebrating the biggest milestones with the most impressive precious gemstones. In the meantime, there are lots and lots of lovely gemstones on the list that would make stunning earrings. It’s a great anniversary tradition that will add color and love to your wardrobe.

Anniversary Bands

Anniversary bands are sometimes called eternity bands. These gorgeous rings feature diamonds set side by side to surround the entire finger. Sometimes the diamonds are combined with one or more different types of colored gemstones. Anniversary bands can be designed to be worn on the left hand, with your wedding jewelry, or to be worn alone, either on the left or right hand. The width of an anniversary band is purely personal preference: some couples prefer a dainty, narrow anniversary band while others prefer a bolder statement-making design.

Engagement Ring Upgrades or Redesigns

A very popular way to celebrate a milestone anniversary, such as the tenth or twentieth, is to upgrade the engagement ring you got married with. In the beginning of a relationship, you might not have had the financial resources to give a diamond ring that was exactly what you wanted; budgets can grow over time. One thing we’ve found locally is that many brides are attached to their first diamond; custom jewelry design means you can keep that diamond, perhaps enhancing it with another stone or stones, in a new setting. The two-stone engagement ring design is very appealing for couples who have lived many years together as both true love and best friend.

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