Christmas in July – Custom Engagement Ring Design

If you’re thinking about a holiday-season proposal, and you’d like to present your sweetheart with a truly one-of-a-kind, custom engagement ring, the time to start the design process is now.

Why so soon, you ask? There are three reasons to start early if you can:

  1. This May be the First & Only Engagement Ring You Ever Design

    The Mark Peter’s team is really lucky. We get to experience the thrilling creative challenge of custom engagement ring design on a regular basis. Helping Plainfield couples create unique engagement rings is what we do. Over the years, we’ve made thousands and thousands of rings.

    But this special ring may very well be the very first piece of jewelry you’ve ever designed. Why rush through such an enjoyable and important process? You will be much happier with your ring if you have enough time to learn about bridal jewelry, explore design options, consider different styles, and make truly informed decisions about the ring that celebrates your unique romance.

    Many people find it much easier to be creative if they’re not operating under a strict deadline. When you know you’re planning a Christmas-time proposal, your ring details need to be finalized by Thanksgiving at the latest. That’s a lot of pressure! Give yourself a break and some breathing room by beginning your custom engagement ring design process now.

  2. Great Jewelry Takes Time

    The design phase is only one element of creating your one of a kind engagement ring. There are other parts of the process that take time. Once your design has been finalized, the Mark Peter’s team will find the perfect diamonds and other gemstones as needed. We work with you to create exactly the look you want with the budget you have.
    All of our custom jewelry, including engagement rings, are hand built by our master jewelers using Old World techniques and today’s best technology. This painstaking process results in radiantly beautiful jewelry.

  3. Starting Now Doesn’t Mean Paying Now

    We encourage anyone who’s thinking about a holiday season proposal to come in and get a better understanding of what’s involved in custom engagement ring creation. This is a totally sales-pressure free experience – in fact, if you need information on available financing options so you can start creating your budget, we’re happy to help with that as well. Our goal is to make sure that you’re totally ready for your big moment. No appointment necessary – just stop in our showroom located at 12820 South Route 59 in Plainfield.