It’s Time for Your Yearly Jewelry Box Review

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s a great time to make sure you have your things in order and are ready to make next year great. Lots of people focus these year-end reviews on things like fitness or finances, but where’s the fun in that? Today we’re talking fashion. Here’s how you can get the most out of your yearly Plainfield jewelry box review.

Step One: Gather All of Your Jewelry in One Place

Some people are very organized and keep all of their jewelry in their jewelry box when they’re not wearing it. Other people have been known to take a less organized approach, ‘storing’ their jewelry in various places, including bedside tables, bathroom counters, tucked into purses and pockets, and so on. Before you can perform a proper jewelry box review, you’ll want to gather up all of your jewelry into one area so you can see what you have easily and efficiently.

Step Two: Identify Jewelry that Needs Repair

Jewelry is made to be worn and enjoyed. If you have pieces of jewelry that you’re not wearing or enjoying because it’s broken or doesn’t fit you properly, make 2018 the year you restore those pieces to their rightful place in your jewelry wardrobe. Fine jewelry repair is available in Plainfield, Il – it’s very easy to have jewelry fixed, and it’s more affordable than you might think. You may also want to have well-loved pieces professionally cleaned and polished to restore their sparkle and shine.

Step Three: Give Yourself Permission to Let Go

There may be jewelry in your jewelry box you know you’re never going to wear again. People’s tastes change, fashions come and go, and sometimes gifts just aren’t right. This is a good time to figure out what you’re going to do with that jewelry. It may be that you want to give special pieces to friends or family members as a very nice holiday gift. Selling jewelry you don’t wear is an easy way to put a few extra dollars back in your pocket.

Step Four: Know What You Want to Say Yes To

Now that you’ve identified jewelry that needs repair and the pieces you have other plans for, consider what’s left in your jewelry wardrobe. According to the Huffington Post, the five pieces every woman should have are stud earrings – either diamond or colored gemstones; gold hoop earrings, a cocktail ring, long necklaces, and bracelets – both to be worn individually or stacked. Do you have all of these contemporary classics? Are there designers you’d like to collect? Deciding what pieces of jewelry to add to your wardrobe can be part of 2018’s fun!

Step Five: Smart Jewelry Storage

The final step in your yearly Plainfield jewelry box review is making sure each piece of your jewelry wardrobe is stored properly. Rings, especially larger cocktail rings, are best stored in covered ring boxes that protect the gemstones and ring shanks. Lightweight bracelets and necklaces can be hung; if you’re concerned that the weight of the piece will cause it to sag or shrink, choose a padded box or drawer storage instead. Earrings should be organized by pair; use appropriate padding to protect delicate pieces. Be aware that some gemstones – citrines, quartzes, amethyst, opals and more – can fade when exposed to strong sunlight and extreme temperatures. For that reason, don’t store gemstone jewelry directly in bright sunlight.