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Be the first to know about our flash sales and savings events! Are you frustrated because you had your eye on some jewelry but missed the sale? Never miss an opportunity again when you sign up with our VIP list. Always know when a flash sale is on and save big!

You can “Dream in Diamonds and stay up to date with our latest designs! Our expert artisans are always creating new dazzling diamond looks, and now you can be the first to get the news. We’re always pleased to share our new Plainfield jewelry designs. Be greeted by the sparkle of diamonds in your inbox!

You’ll stay on top of hot trends and new designers! We’re constantly on the prowl for new looks and designers. We’ll make announcements as we present new collections and artists at Mark Peter’s. Be a savvy fashionista and stay ahead of the curve by getting our VIP alerts!

It’s a way to show support for your community! Mark Peter’s supports several local charities via various fundraisers and donations. Being a VIP member means you’ll get the first word on fundraising events and you can help support the Plainfield, IL community!

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