The 5 Proposal Secrets No One Ever Tells You

If you’ve been thinking about popping the question, the odds are pretty good you’ve read more than your fair share of proposal advice on the internet. That means you already know it’s a good idea to choose a special location for your proposal, and to make any needed reservations well in advance.

The Mark Peter’s team wanted to share some information that not everyone knows. That’s how we compiled this list of the five proposal secrets no one ever tells you!

Proposal Secret #1: It’s Okay to Shop for the Engagement Ring Together

You fell in love together, you’re going to spend the rest of your life together, why not shop for an engagement ring together? It’s the easiest way to ensure you’ll both be pleased with the ring, and eliminates any worry about the engagement ring being the wrong style or size. Believe it or not, this common sense approach is incredibly popular. Half of all couples have gone engagement ring shopping together. You can check the numbers for yourself here.

Proposal Secret #2: But You’re Not Obligated to Spill The Beans

A surprise proposal can be incredibly romantic. It’s a good idea to be pretty sure your special someone is into this idea before you move forward to it. Listen carefully! 70% of brides have admitted to dropping hints about their dream engagement ring. Don’t let that kind of valuable intel go to waste!


Your sweetheart’s best friend wants her to be happy. That means she’s your ally in making your surprise proposal plans happen. Make sure she’s good at keeping a straight face – and secrets! – and then set her on an intelligence gathering mission to learn what she can about engagement ring styles, proposal venue preferences, and anything else you might need to know.

Proposal Secret #3: Hide the Big Occasion in an Ordinary Day

If you want your surprise proposal to be a true surprise, you need to use your skills. Grand vacation getaways and over the top romantic meals are great, but they kind of create a setting where the question is not entirely unexpected. Wait for what seems like an ordinary day and then create an extraordinary moment by asking the question that will change both of your lives forever.

Proposal Secret #4: She’ll Want to Have Her Nails Done

If there’s a way to subtly fit a manicure into your sweetheart’s day in advance of the proposal, make it happen. You know she’s going to want to start showing off her gorgeous new engagement ring right away. Having great nails makes that already wonderful experience so much better!

Proposal Secret #5: Make it Last All Night

The best proposals can be all day long. As much as she’s going to love the proposal, she’s going to love it more if it’s followed up with a way to share the good news with family and friends. Consider planning a celebration dinner – it can be casual! – or gather everyone for drinks at your favorite place to enjoy each other’s company and dance until dawn. Remember: this is a day she’ll never forget. Every moment should be meaningful!