Chic Winter Style

Winter is a beautiful time of year. But in the perceived drudgery of ice and snow, we sometimes forget to appreciate the crystalline wonder around us. We bundle up and forget to pay attention to ourselves, to liven up our looks and brighten our own days. Adding a little bit of sparkle and flash to your wardrobe will cast away the post-holiday doldrums and bring on some cheer.

Angelica Collection at Mark Peter's Diamond DesignsTreat yourself to a gift! Adding something as simple as a bracelet or charm necklace to an outfit not only makes your look pop, the feeling of something solid on your wrist or gently nesting at your neck is a comforting reminder. It’s something you can feel, look at and appreciate, and think, “I purchased this for me.” It’s a reward for all the hard work you do.

Both Chamilia and Endless Jewelry design beautiful and affordable jewelry that’s customizable. Each designer has their own very distinct aesthetic, and you can create your own statement with their many beads and charms. Chamilia also designs changeable and stackable rings.

12359863_791601750963196_2119577846595465899_nIf you want a standout “say something” piece, Frederic Duclos designs some very avant pieces. Many have a lunar quality to them, lovely and evincing the strength of the Roman goddess Diana. And Duclos’ bangles are stunners sure to pop in both casual and formal settings.

Enjoy the wintry days and revel in this time of year. Give yourself a treat this January. Stop for a moment and allow yourself a gift that makes you happy, that brightens your day, that reminds you of a special moment. It’s important to reward oneself once in a while.