Carat Weight

Does Carat Weight Matter?

Diamond Carat Weight refers specifically to a diamond’s weight. A metric carat is defined as 200 milligrams. Oftentimes, diamond carat weight is referred to as “points.” One carat is divided into 100 points to allow for a very precise one hundredth decimal measurement of each carat.

The exact measure of sizing isn’t always translated accurately to the eye. We view a diamond from the top looking down and into the stone. The diamond’s dimensions, measurement across the top, the cut, and the quality play a part in the size.

A well-cut diamond maximizes the light and sparkle making the diamond appear larger. A diamond with a lower cut grade could appear smaller due to its dimensions or in combination with the amount of light that does or does not shine brightly through the top (also known as the table).

Determine Carat Weight

carat weight

Determining Carat Weight

In Determining carat weight, consider the following:

  • Finger size
  • The size of the ring’s setting
  • Your overall budget

Diamond size is often an important factor in your final choice. To fit within a strict budget, you may choose a diamond with a good cut, but move down on clarity and color slightly to find a large “clean” stone.

Diamond prices differ as they jump from one full carat size to the next. A 2.95 carat diamond will see a significant jump in price when compared to a 3.01 carat diamond with similar grading. The total value for a stoneis given by its “per carat” value, which is determined by its characteristics.

Finger size can also affect how large a diamond appears. A size 3.5 finger will make a 2 carat round solitaire look much larger than the same ring on a size 9 ring finger. Let us help you find the perfect balance as you weigh the many different characteristics of the diamonds you have to choose from.

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