It’s Anniversary Season: Celebrating Your Marriage Milestones with Style

Every year, we hear a lot about spring and summer weddings. You know what that means? After the knot has been tied, spring and summer become anniversary season for many Illinois couples. One of the best ways to keep romance alive is to make sure you recognize special marriage milestones.

There’s no law that says you have to limit your celebrating to the fifth, tenth, and twentieth anniversary. It’s better to let your special someone know you love them every chance you get! With that in mind, here are some clever ways to celebrate your marriage milestones with style:

Custom Jewelry Shows You Know Her Better Than Anyone

Over the course of a marriage, you get to know your sweetheart better than anyone else in the world. This makes you the ideal person to have a piece of custom jewelry designed and crafted for them. Using what you know about your sweetheart’s favorite colors, personal style and fashion habits, Mark Peters can help you give the ultimate personalized gift: a piece of one of a kind custom jewelry – true wearable art from your heart.

Celebrating Marriage Milestone

Jewelry Repair: A Stunning Surprise Your Sweetheart Will Love

Marriage is an adventure. Adventure can be hard on jewelry, and your sweetheart may have damaged jewelry sitting in their jewelry box that they can’t wear anymore. Sometimes rings just don’t fit the way they used to. When a diamond ring is too small, you can’t put it on – and when it’s too large, you’re worried it will fly off and be lost. Surprise your sweetie by having one of our Master Jewelers repair the jewelry she already loves! It’s a thoughtful gift and is quite affordable – perfect for celebrating anniversaries.

Watches That Wow: Awesome Anniversary Gifts

A gorgeous watch is a wonderful way to say “I’ve enjoyed every minute of my life with you!” Mark Peters carries a stunning selection of luxury watches, including 69 different styles of the Italian made Automa Poletto. All of our watches are guaranteed and make a truly impressive anniversary gift.