2018: It’s Time to Get Real About Jewelry Repair

At the beginning of the year, people make all kinds of resolutions. Some folks are going to stop smoking, while others promise they’re going to eat healthy and run 5 miles a day. Other popular resolutions include getting organized, doing more volunteering, and practicing daily gratitude affirmations. And sure, those all sound like wonderful things – but wouldn’t you like a resolution that’s super easy to accomplish, affordable, and leaves you looking and feeling great?

That’s right: it’s time to talk about jewelry repair.

The fact is a life well lived can be hard on jewelry. Rings get bent out of shape, lose their stones, or stop fitting after weight loss or gain. Bracelet clasps are notorious for failing; the same is true for necklaces and some pins. Even earrings aren’t immune from danger. When your jewelry gets damaged, in whatever way, it means you can no longer wear it – and jewelry you’re not wearing is jewelry you’re not enjoying.

Lots of people don’t know that you can have jewelry repaired in Plainfield on site at Mark Peter’s Diamond Designs. Our Master Jewelers have the experience and equipment to fix all kinds of jewelry. If a piece is significantly damaged, they even have the skills to create missing components or a lookalike design for you! Jewelry repair is done so the repair work is invisible to the naked eye: if you never tell anyone you needed to have your jewelry repaired, they would never know from looking at it!

We’ve had people tell us they’re not sure their jewelry is ‘worth’ fixing. The cost of jewelry repair is often less than you may think; that being said, when you’re considering whether or not the item is worth fixing, the real metric to use is how much joy and happiness will you derive from being able to wear your jewelry again? It’s hard to measure enjoyment in terms of dollars and cents, but in the years we’ve been providing this service to the Plainfield community we’ve seen the investment pay off for our customers many, many times. Try it for yourself to see: you have nothing to lose and the ability to wear your jewelry again to gain!