Diamond Color

less color = a better diamond

Diamond Color is a measurement of a diamond’s lack of color because the majority of diamonds are most desirable when they are white. The color scale for diamonds goes from D to Z, where D is the highest possible grade in color (most white) and Z is the lowest grade (least white).

In most cases, a diamond with apparent color will show as a pale yellow or light brown hue. Despite this, color is considered by many to be the next most important quality after the cut. In some cases, this color can add warmth to a stone and make it even more attractive.

Diamond Color Range


The highest color grade with no apparent color.

E & F – E/F

Generally considered colorless with only the smallest amounts of color that can be seen by a gemologist.

G & H – G/H

Nearly colorless to the naked eye and are difficult to determine color without setting them side by side with lower and higher graded stones.

I & J – I/J

Nearly colorless and oftentimes represent great value because of the way their color can come across as warm, as mentioned earlier.

K – Z

Diamonds graded below K are not generally carried at Mark Peter's Diamond Designs.

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